Mobile Medical Units

  • Mobile chassis, walls, floor and roof
  • Optional windows (Size & Quantity)
  • Optional entry doors (Quantity & Position)
  • Optional furniture requirements (Bed, Bunk Beds, Couch, Cupboard, Wardrobe, Desk, Shower, Toilet, Basin etc)
  • Unit can be moved with an EB Licenced Vehicle
  • Room Size: Small 6.0m2, Medium 10.3m2, Large 12.1 m2
  • All units can be upgraded for solar power and water tanks added to make it self sustainable
  • Units can be purpose build according to your specifications
  • Off-road vehicle modifications to suit our customer specification
  • DIY unit (Empty unit, no electrical, plumbing or furniture)

Leefek reserves the right to change any specification without notice

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